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3D cell culture and organoid are emerging as pivotal systems for understanding human organ development, modeling disease, revolutionising the drug discovery process and regenerative medicine. The TECH DAY online meeting discusses the latest advances covering a range of problem-solving methods and techniques used in 3D culture, organoids, and organs-on-chips. The agenda will provide attendees a chance to collaborate and network with key industry figures, hear first-hand solutions on relevant areas.

We invite you to join this meeting to discover a mix of action-based technical sessions, product demos and customer stories.

Suggested Topics

  • Insights into research and development on 3D cell culture systems.
  • Organoids, spheroids, and modelling organ development in 3D culture.
  • Microfluidic tools in 3D cultures and organoids.
  • Case study research, applications and future trends.

Presenter Benefits

  • Up to 25 minutes speaking including Q&A.
  • Full access to all sessions and network with other attendees.
  • Complimentary registration and free guest tickets.
  • Speaker Certificate in digital format.

Is This a Dual Component Meeting?

Yes! As part of our commitment to fostering inclusivity for all of our participants, the 2021-2022 Meeting will have both in-person and virtual components. The in-person component entitled 'Special Session' will take place in Berlin, Germany. The virtual component 'TECH DAY' will take place online, and will feel much like the in-person meeting.

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